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April 12, 2014 - April 13, 2014: Luna

Southern Appalachian Conference Championship (Statesboro)

Conference championships are the pinnacle of the ultimate season and determine which teams progress to regionals. Emory is one of eight teams in the conference, which has three bids to regionals. The championship is formatted as a round robin spanning Saturday and Sunday with a bracket playing into third place on Sunday. On Saturday, Emory beat GA College 13-4, GA Southern 13-3, and Georgia State 13-1. The last game of the day was against UGA, which was a hard fought game, although Emory ended up losing 7-13. On Sunday, Emory continued the round robin, playing Georgia Tech, the 1 seed in the competition, and after a frustrating first half, we outscored Tech in the second half; still it was not enough to win, and we finished with a 7-11 score. Emory finished the round robin by beating Kennesaw 13-2 and then progressed into pool play. UGA and Tech had secured their bids to regionals, but Emory had to fight for the last spot. In the "game to go" Emory faced off with Kennesaw for the second time that day, cleanly winning 13-1. Stand out performances came from senior Kira Lou, who we named offensive MVP, and junior Danielle Swales, our defensive MVP. Emory is excited to face off with UGA and Tech again, as well as the Gulf Coast and Florida teams in our regional competition on April 26-27.

April 5, 2014 - April 6, 2014: Women's Water Polo

Championship Tournament at Emory (Atlanta)

Emory University’s Gold Team hosted the Southeast Championships this past weekend! We finished 3rd overall, the best place finish we have had in over five years! The Eagles played amazingly well, and brought a fantastic ending to a much-merited season. 1959377_2101101442272_5022977245252073465_n The gold team started off championships playing University of Central Florida’s B team. While the first quarter was all tied up, the eagles had a strong finish beating UCF’s B team 10-4. Highlights of the game include grad student Emily Hunter scoring 3 goals, Sophomore Adi Rosenthal scoring 2 goals, seniors Kimberly Tartavull, Audry Klossner and Yuliya Oumarbaeva scoring 1 goal a piece as did their teammates freshman, Julia Caldwell and Caitlin Casey. 1011107_10152120852217815_612745332_n The Eagles then prepared to play their main rivals from the season, University of Central Florida’s A team. Last year UCF placed 2nd in the Nation. In our first matchup of the season at the first qualifier at FSU, however, Emory came out on top. We struggled in the second qualifier, falling to UCF, but came out of that game with a lot of experience, and ready to play them again. The game started off well with the Eagles scoring first and finishing the first quarter with a two goal lead, from there it was a constant back and forth battle which left Gold up by one goal with one-minute left in the game. Numerous defensive kickouts caused Gold to struggle, but our strong bench was able to keep up the amazing level of play. Unfortunately, UCF tied it up with 30 seconds remaining and then scored with the final score being 10-11. This was a hard loss for the Gold Team, but it was the best game they played all season. Highlights of the game included Freshman and super star, Julia Caldwell scoring 3 goals as well as senior Kristen King scoring two goals. 10003911_2101097882183_6220948848358121753_nNext, the Gold team played their last game, playing for 3rd place in the league against Florida State University. Last year the Eagles found themselves in a similar spot, and suffered a disappointing loss in sudden death overtime to the Seminoles. This year was not to be a repeat, however, and the Eagles were led by teammates Adi Rosenthal and Captain Audry Klossner for the win! Seniors Yuliya Oumarbaeva and Kristen King had two goals apiece, along with Freshman Julia Caldwell and Grad student Emily Hunter each finding the back of the net twice as well. The Gold team was victorious, and finished 3rd beating FSU 13-6. Overall, this was a very successful championships and season for the Eagles! Some overall stats for the season included Sophomore Adi Rosenthal with an unbelievable 20 goals all season, following close behind is senior and captain Audry Klossner with a total of 15 goals this season, as well as Senior Yuliya Oumarbaeva with 10 goals! Congratulations ladies! Emory’s Blue team kicked off the championship tournament with a game we knew would be our biggest challenge, against UCF’s A team. Despite UCF taking a lead early on, Emory did a fantastic job of remaining in control and not cracking under the pressure. We continued to frustrate the UCF team (with one of their more aggressive players getting ejected from the game), shutting down their counter attacks and blocking shots. Two goals game from sophomore captains Olivia Meisner and Julie de la Rosa, keeping UCF to their smallest lead of the season, and finishing the game with a final score of 17-2. 10172820_10152120903632815_1318892336_n Later in the afternoon, the Blue team took on UCF’s B team, ready for a second fight. In this game, we applied the same strategies in shutting down counter attacks and running a crash through defense to even greater effect, limiting UCF to only 9 goals for the game. Meisner, sophomore Alana Darcher, and freshman scored a goal each, junior Danielle Iskandar made two goals, and junior Abby Chambers scored a last second shot to end the game on a high note. The game demonstrated a marked difference between this game and the precursor two weeks earlier at the University of Florida. In this rematch, Emory showed much greater ability to maintain control, and to remain calm under pressure, allowing us to really play the type of game we practice for.1982295_10152120838922815_568717312_n Our final game was Sunday morning against UF’s B team, and was one of the most exciting games of the tournament. Despite going down 1-0 early in the game, Emory fought hard, and managed to stay even with UF throughout the whole game. Junior goalie Kat Thayer made several spectacular saves that played a key role in keeping her team in the game. Emory’s hunger for the win was evident, as we took shot after shot, making a total of 5 goals – two from Darcher, two from Chambers, and one from junior Amanda Durbin. In the end, Florida scraped out a well-played 6-5 win, although it was evident to all watching just how far Emory had come during the season, and how close they had been to winning. This tournament showed what tremendous progress the Blue team made over the course of the season, from a group of girls, many of whom had barely played before, to a cohesive team that was able to execute plays with precision. Twice, Emory came off a time out and flawlessly executed the planned play, almost without speaking, each time resulting in a beautiful goal, which was really the culmination of so many months of hard work and dedication on the part of all the players.

March 22, 2014 - March 23, 2014: Women's Water Polo

Qualifier Tournament in Gainesville, FL (Gainesville)

After making the trek to Gainesville, Emory Gold was excited to continue their streak from the first qualifier. Although the team did not remain undefeated, the girls played in better synchronization, a result of hard work and pre-warm up dance sessions to the Disney song, “Let It Go”. Furthermore, the seniors were on fire in the final game against UCF B, with senior Yuliya Oumarbaeva scoring a whopping total of 4 goals. Freshman Julia Caldwell and sophomore Adi Rosenthal also point to the depth in our team with their performance in this tournament with a total of 4 and 10 goals, respectively. Nevertheless, Adi attributes her motivation to the team’s seniors Kristen Carroll, Clara Wynn, Kristen King, Yuliya Oumarbaeva, Audry Klossner, and Kim Tartavull: “They constantly push the team to its potential, in and out of the pool. All my motivation, the team’s motivation for this next tournament is to play our best for the seniors.” Let the storm rage on, because it looks like Emory Gold will be a force in next week’s Division Championships.​ The Blue Team came into the tournament ready to play! In their first game against FSU, both Kelly Wahl and Amanda Durbin scored a goal. Despite the resulting 2-22 loss, the blue team was not discouraged and came out prepared for their next game against UF A, one of our biggest opponents. The blue team fought hard in their second game and came out 1-16, the goal courtesy of our blue team co-captain Olivia Meisner. This game was a great learning experience for the entire team, which undoubtedly showed in their following game. The third game played by the blue team against UCF B was certainly impressive. Although the game ended in a 5-9 loss, it is safe to say that some great water polo was played in this game. The team truly came together and was able to make four awesome shots in the last quarter alone! The final match for the blue team was against UCF A. Excellent defense was displayed in this game and the team was able to work as a cohesive unit resulting in two goals shot by juniors Abby Chambers and Amanda Durbin. All in all, the blue team had a great weekend and was truly able to come together and use all of the skills learned during practice in this tournament.


April 19, 2014 - April 20, 2014: Women's Water Polo

Invitational Tournament at UNC Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill)

May 2, 2014 - May 4, 2014: Equestrian

IHSA Hunt Seat National Championship Horse Show (Harrisburg)


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Rock Climbing - CCS USC Comp


Men's Rugby